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Over 110 years of experience

With over 110 years in operation and a wealth of education experience, the St Columba’s education team is excited about working with your child in a blended education approach, combining the strengths of technology driven academics and onsite culture, sport, social and community activities.


Bronwen Marcon

With 27 years, experience as an educator and 8 years as a principal, Bronwen sees education as an opportunity to empower each child to be the best version of themselves, not just academically but socially, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

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She is passionate about the individuality of every child in her care and is excited by the opportunity St Columba’s Online presents for children who require a different learning environment, supported by a caring community and an active sport, social and cultural program.

“The beauty about education is that, when we are open to them, children become teachers as they help us to explore their world, and their unique and insightful perspectives. When this happens education evolves to become an inclusive and fascinating journey for every person involved.”

Deputy Principal

Nikki Witthaus

Nikki’s degree in English and Psychology, along with her teaching diploma and 24 years of teaching experience, brings a wealth of educational experience to the St Columba’s Online team. She is passionate about finding the right method of learning for... 

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...each child because she has witnessed the power of flexible teaching methodologies in taking children to new heights of educational excellence.

She is excited about the opportunity St Columba’s Online presents to children who thrive in a different classroom environment that caters for a calm, uninterrupted learning experience which is balanced with sport, social, cultural and community opportunities as well.

“Developing a relationship with children is critical to their happiness and key to a successful education journey, one in which learners are encouraged to ask as many questions as possible in their quest for knowledge.”

Dr Tania Holtz

With a Bachelor of Education and many years of experience as a teacher and Head of Department in main stream and remedial schools, a Master’s Degree researching child challenges and gifts and a PhD Degree in Child Psychology and related...

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...fields, Tania has a deep understanding of the social, emotional and academic challenges which children potentially face at home, at school and in the wider community. This has culminated in a child-centred approach to education and to dealing with children and families. 

 “My philosophy is that children should be understood, heard, accommodated when necessary and praised when this is due. All this of course within predictable and fair boundaries. Being privileged to assist at St Columba’s in my capacity as Educational Psychologist has been a wonderful experience in that the staff resonate my child centred approach. Staff are friendly towards children, stop and listen to them, make a kind and consistent effort to assist children in the classroom by being welcoming of new methods and ideas. Flowing from this, teacher’s will as far as possible accommodate children’s individuality and unique needs, gifts and challenges with insight and an open mind. At the same time they are mindful of child friendly boundaries which resonate the schools ethos. Furthermore, the multidisciplinary approach to education (including learning support, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Psychology, music lessons, various sporting and cultural activities) create a well-balanced and rich platform for learning.”

Father David

Having served for 40 years as a priest in various dominations and churches and with and education and theology degree and experience as a teacher, Father David is passionate about revealing, through a wide range of biblical and life examples, the...

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...unconditional, overwhelming love of God for each child.  

“Children, with all their energy, enthusiasm and child-like faith are a joy to work with.”

Head of Sport

Jason Bodley

Jason’s passion for sport began in his own junior primary education and led him to study a BCom Sports Management (HON) degree which he uses as a spring-board to co-ordinate and bring to life the sport curriculum at St Columba’s. Jason is passionate about the positive affect sport has on every child...

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...and strives to provide an environment in which every child at St Columba’s has a fair opportunity to participate in any sport activity they are interested in regardless of skill level.

“I believe that while having fun at sport the children will develop a keen interest to a sport which will allow them to develop further into their school and sporting careers.

HOD Senior Primary: English, History and Religious Education

Kerryn Tempest

Qualified with a BA and Higher Diploma in Education Kerryn has 20 years’ experience including 13 years’ experience teaching grade 11 and 12 English. She is passionate about instilling a love of learning in children and inspiring young minds to grow and reach...

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...their full potential.

“Teaching is a calling and I have always loved my vocation. I aspire every day to help the children in my care to grow and develop as individuals.”

Learning Support Specialist

Angela Kilroe

With a Bachelor of Education (HON) and Honours in Educational Psychology, along with over 7 years of teaching experience, Angela thrives on creating an environment for personal development and growth for every child she works with.

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“I love teaching because I believe every child is capable of brilliance, and it is up to me, as a teacher to help each child discover this.”

Grade 4 English, Geography and Afrikaans

Susan Hunter

With a Higher Diploma in Education and 27 years of education experience, Susan thoroughly enjoys creating a classroom environment in which self-expression, individuality and curiosity are fostered.

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“It is wonderful to see how students’ progress as they gain confidence in the knowledge we journey with.”

Drama, Library and Chess

Alisa McLean

Alisa has a Bachelor of Arts Degree as well as a Higher Education Diploma along with 30 years of experience. Her passion for education and the opportunity to inspire learners continues to excite her.

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“For me, the best part of teaching is seeing the children’s eyes light up with excitement and watching how they grow in confidence.”

Grade 4 Mathematics, Science and Afrikaans

Stacey Meyer

Stacey’s Bachelor’s Degree in Education specialising in Foundation phase, along with over 6 years’ experience, forms the foundation for her open, curious...

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...and child centric approach to learning. She is passionate about inspiring, supporting, and mentoring students in their learning journey.

“Teaching is such an exciting job because as we journey together, I get to support and guide students as they discover strengths they didn’t know they had.”

Music and Movement Grade 4-7

Thapelo Skhosana

With a Bachelors Technology in Music and a music accreditation in Jazz, and Karawitan music, Thapelo is our expert in music and movement he is passionate how music can transcend culture, backgrounds, language and belief systems and connect...

Read More on a fundamental level. Thapelo uses music and movement to help students express themselves and communicate with others.

“I so enjoy journeying with children as they discover how music can connect us. It’s very exciting to see them become more emotionally aware and mature through music.”

Grade 5 History and Math

Kim Harrison

Kim’s Bachelor of Primary Education, along with her over 21 years of teaching experience and 3 years of remedial international experience, is the grounding from which she teaches Grade 5 History and Maths. She is passionate about...

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...continually finding new and exciting ways to present these subjects so that students engage and participate as much as possible in their academic journey.

“Being a teacher provides me with the privilege of inspiring the children I work with to believe in themselves and their ability to learn, no matter their what their skill level or background might be.”

Equipping Students To Thrive In An Extraordinary World

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Grade 6 and 7 Afrikaans

Christa Venter

Christa has a Higher Education Diploma in Education, along with additional Diploma’s in Special Education and Remedial Education and her 42 years’ experience in teaching provides a wealth of knowledge and insight to the pupils she teaches in Afrikaans.

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Christa is passionate about engaging students in different ways so that the subject comes alive for them.

“I am passionate about each individual child in my classroom and enjoy helping them to discover their own ability in this wonderful language.”

Grade 5 Afrikaans

Ursula Virgili

With a Higher Diploma in Education and 31 years’ experience, Ursula is the Grade 5 Afrikaans teacher and Religious Education teacher. She is passionate about educating children to become productive and valuable citizens of our planet and strives to provide...

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...students with relevant perspective in the material she presents.

“I so enjoy journeying with children as the discover environment concerns and global themes that affect all of us and it is a wonderful opportunity to encourage them to learn how to live their lives in harmony with nature and one another.”

Grade 5: Geography, Steam, Coding

Justin Oliver

Currently studying towards his Bachelors Degree in Education, Justin works with the Grade 5 Geography students, as well as STEAM and Coding. He is passionate about creating a mutual...

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learning environment in which he provides students with information and journeys with them in working towards mastery of the subject.

“Teaching is incredibly exciting as a child’s growth is visible from week to week, and term to term. Inspiring and nurturing the minds of students in their academic journey is a great privilege.”


Nomsa Modipane

Nomsa’s 10 years’ experience and her Senior Teachers Diploma provides the background for her inspired teaching of isiZulu to all pupils at St Columba’s. She is particularly excited to see the growth...

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“I love seeing how much my pupils enjoy isiZulu and how hard my pupils try to communicate in isiZulu with me. Their thirst for knowledge is so exciting to work with.”

Tennis Coach

Ken Smith

Ken is a qualified Professional Tennis Coach with over 30 years’ experience and has been the Chairman of the Gauteng East Tennis Association for over 18 years. His passion is to introduce the game of tennis to children from a young age to help them to develop an interest in the game.

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“I enjoy helping children to develop the skills and character tennis requires and watch them fall in love with the game.”
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