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Regardless of the advancement of technology, every person is connected to a community in one form or another. Developing a compassionate approach to the world around us is part of the holistic development of any child.

St Columba’s is a Catholic school with a long history of dedication to the service of others. We believe that teaching children to serve their peers, and the community at large, including those less fortunate than them, develops strength, humility, and character.


St Columba’s Online students will participate in our weekly mass through the online platform. This participation in mass ensures that the St Columba’s Online student body are an active part of the St Columba’s Catholic community.

Religious Education Lessons

As part of the curriculum at St Columba’s Online, students participate in religious education lessons during which Catholic, Christian and other religious themes are explored within a relevant context so that students can relate to and understand how these principles apply to their own lives.

First Communion

For the St Columba’s Online students who would like to participate in the First Holy Communion, online lessons are available with relevant onsite assessments. Once learners have completed the full First Holy Communion syllabus they are invited to participate in this very exciting and beautiful religious moment with Father David at the St Patrick's Catholic Church. Following their Firs Holy Communion, learners are invited to partake in Holy Communion once a week at Mass.


St Columba’s as a school participate in various outreach programs throughout the year. Each grade chooses a project or charity that they would like to serve. The St Columba’s Online and onsite student bodies are given the opportunity to participate in these outreach projects, providing children with a way to actively engage with and serve their surrounding community.
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