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  • Equipping students to thrive in an extraordinary world

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  • Equipping students to thrive in an extraordinary world

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  • Equipping students to thrive in an extraordinary world

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Ground Breaking Blended Education

Give your child the best of both worlds with St Columba's Online.
Online, teacher led academics
Onsite assessments, exams, culture, sport, social and community

Over 110 years of education excellence now available to your senior primary (grade 4 - 7) child at home.

St Columba's Online

Equipping students to thrive in a modern world, takes an extraordinary approach to education.

Here, depth of experience, an excellence in education history and a passion for innovative student centric learning blends seamlessly with efficient technology utilisation, social, sport, culture and community integration.

What are the benefits

The unique and ground-breaking St Columba’s blended education model provides your child with:
A quiet, comfortable academic learning environment
Teacher led academic instruction and question answering
Small class setting so that your child gets the academic attention they need
On site assessments to ensure the standard of your child’s education remains high.
Education certainty regardless of national access to school ground policies
Onsite sport practices, and participation in competitions and matches
 Access to onsite cultural practices and participation in live performances and festivals
Online and onsite community projects
Participation in combined student body social fun days
Parent courses on online academic education


Engaging modern children in academic subjects requires a blend of experienced teachers, exciting material and a curious, collaborative approach to learning. The St Columba’s Online curriculum has been designed to prepare students for real-world challenges by instilling a range of practices, life skills and evergreen learning methodologies that energise individual student’s natural thirst for knowledge.


At St Columba’s Online, your child is invited to participate in several sport disciplines including tennis, cricket, netball, cross country and swimming as part of our onsite school body. This means that your child can attend practices at the St Columba’s various offsite sports grounds and venues and participate in the competitions and matches organised throughout the year.


Providing your child with a holistic education is so much more than just academics. St Columba’s Online offers your child the opportunity to participate in Chess, Choir and Public Speaking activities at the St Columba’s school grounds after their online school day. This provides your child with the opportunity to join teams of like-minded children during practices and participate in exciting performances with their peers.


Providing your child with a supportive community encourages them to develop perspectives outside of their immediate surroundings. Having a broader world view and participating in service to others brings a healthy balance of self and community awareness. St Columba’s Online provides children with the opportunity to participate in onsite community projects encouraging connection, empathy and understanding.

Social Development

Developing well rounded, socially adept students, proficient at navigating the intricacies of complex online and in person relationships, requires a progressive approach to student social integration. The St Columba’s Online social integration program is designed and overseen by our educational psychologist and includes a variety of exciting forward-thinking encounters designed to foster long-lasting social relationships with other students.

Parent Partnership

St Columba’s fosters a healthy partnership with parents in which the learner’s development is at the forefront of everything we do. The teaching, answering of questions and assessment of your child is managed by the highly qualified and passionate teachers that make up the St Columba’s education team. This leaves you free to remain in a parenting role, supporting your child and cheering them on in their academic journey.

Quality Control

In addition to the official registration and recognition of the St Columba’s Online curriculum with the Department of Education, St Columba’s is also registered with IQAA (Independent Quality Assurance Association) which is affiliated to ISASA. IQAA regularly assesses the quality of teaching, learning, governance and finance of the school. Additionally, St Columba’s is registered with Umalusi the National Quality Assurer at which St Columba’s has permanent accreditation. The Catholic Schools Office- Signs of God’s Presence is a monitoring tool to ensure that St Columba’s works within the Ethos of a Catholic School.

Regular submission to audits and analysis of all programs offered at St Columba’s ensures that your child receives the highest quality education safe guarded by independent and national regulatory bodies.


St Columba’s, in line with the Catholic School Office- Signs of God’s Presence, implement The Child Safeguarding Policy which is a process driven approach in which all potential dangers to children are documented and prepared for.

Part of this process is to recognise potential situations where the correction for dangerous or harmful behaviour of a learner is needed. All discipline at St Columba’s is restorative, ensuring the dignity of every party is carefully considered and upheld in any situation.

Through this process students are given the opportunity to learn the consequences of actions in a safe, caring, and uplifting environment. These critical life-skills help to develop students who are responsible, confident and consequence aware, helping them to safely explore their budding independence.
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